Community Leader Contest

Well... That's it! We've reached the end of nominations. Now comes the hard part; my family and I have to choose one winner out of so many inspiring examples of people who have lived their lives according to one simple request: Love one another as I have loved you!

I want to thank everyone who participated in this contest; but most of all, I want to thank every person that gives without expectancy and loves without cause! There is no title or award that could ever fully measure the worth of who you are or what you've meant to the people whose lives you've touched!

God Bless


Anonymous said...

What Up TK!

Thanks for your work in the community and on the court.

Be tough the rest of the season and bring it in the playoffs!!!!

Good Luck and Go Cavs!!!

Patrick- Cleveland

Anonymous said...

Your blog got posted up on one of our Cavs message boards.

We dig your game in Cleveland. Always great to have someone who can get to the rack and play solid perimeter d as well as you do.

Hope to see you guys raising a banner at the end of the year.

Andy said...

TK-Love your game-keep it up! Great Contest, Go Cavs!

Anonymous said...

Good work, TK! Glad to see you're healthy again, and contributing to a championship cause! Let's go Cavs!

Anonymous said...

Yo TK when we got you this summer I thought u'd never play but man you proved me wrong. Your intensity on the defensive end has made me a believer. Keep the game tight man, looking forward to u and the boys having a parade downtown!!

liquidfire said...

'Sup TK!?

You're a fan favorite for sure! We love you here in Cle. We love the passion and hard work you bring to every game but the most I love about you on our team is your swagger.

That and-1 jumpshot in Golden state a few weeks ago was amazing and that putback Jam over dwight howard and the Magic was Siiiick.

Hey man, if you got some free time maybe you could sign up at the biggest cav forum? we'd love to give you a chat.

Thanks for the time!
PCE Kins.

Cary from Atlanta said...

I'm one of your devoted fans (and a devoted Cavs fan) and I wanted to thank you for the work you are doing for the community. I love your overall game and the intensity and hustle you bring to the floor every time you're out there. Keep up the great work and the "can do" attitude because it's guys like you that we love to see succeed. Come on visit us at, I'm sure the moderators would love to host a chat with you sometime.

TEJ said...

Tk man, wee like u here in Cleveland, congrats on the starting job for the last game, u played solid. Get ur ring with the cavs this season, u r a great player!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you get the start the other night TK. I'm also glad that the trade deadline is over so that you guys can focus 100% on ball from here on out. On a side note, I'm a huge fan of your step-brother's "Tarence Kinsey Tribute" on youtube, assuming that is actually your step-brother.

Bring home the gold - GO CAVS!

I would also like to drop an invite for you to join us at

Cincinnati Cavs Fan

All day cavs said...

Yo tk just wanted to stop by to tell you that im glad you earned some mike brown respect and now he giving you some playing time keep that great intesity and passion you have and keep up the great work!

Chris said...

Tarence! What's up, my man! Your blog got posted at the best Cavs forum around, and I wanted to come over and give you my support. Your hustle and heart out there on the court is inspirational. keep it up!!! Go cavs!

Ryan said...


Love your intensity on the defensive end and the way you crash the rack.

Do what you do. We're glad you're here. See you at the parade!!

chiefwahoo56 said...

Just found my way to your blogspot page via We're happy to have you in a Cleveland uniform TK. This has been a magical season so far and we're glad you can be a part of it!

TSO said...

Awesome stuff Tarence.

Keep up the stellar work both on and off the court!

TK 2 Start said...

What up TK, I hope you're startin tonight and you THROW THE HAMMER DOWN. I can't wait till you make it to the playoffs with the Cavs and are used in the deep depth they have at the guard spot. You've earned your spot into the rotation. Keep up the defensive hustle and your offensive prowess.

Drop 20 for the us fans tonight please. TK deep in the Bradley Center!

PS: Visit us at

Anonymous said...

Looking good TK! Good to see you getting some more burn. Just remember that the community is behind you, and the rest of the team.

Tell Dblock and JJ that we are watching them too, and if you ever want to know how your fans feel, or let us know something, you can stop by (not a promo...but it is the best place to see your fans).

Good luck on the rest of the season...and I hope to see you guys get a ring this year!

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to stop by to say thanks for all the effort you and the guys are putting into this season. It's been a blast watching you. I loved your put back dunk the other night...incredible. Your hustle in the Bucks game was fantastic, too.

I really enjoy watching you and the rest of the guys play, and can't wait to see you downtown for the Championship parade!!

Best of luck the rest of the season...stay healthy!


Anonymous said...

TK, I think you should get a Rotty. I know just the guy to ask ... LO55

Anonymous said...

Hey TK, nice game against the Bucks! You played a lot of minutes with Wally in foul trouble, and did a good job.

I love your game, and I hope Coach keeps you in the rotation when Delonte gets back.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for thinking about the community.

And thanks for caring about the language. One thing - on your home page you wrote "hero's" when you meant to say "heroes." It's a pet peeve of mine - drives me crazy when I see a homemade sign that says "Room's to rent" or something.

Love ya, man. Keep on keepin' it real.

Drew said...


The only thing Cleveland loves more than a player that's all hustle and loves to play hard nosed D is a player that's into helping the community. Kudos on being both.

You play smart and with a lot of energy, and so it's no wonder you earned Mike Brown's respect (no simple task!). Keep up the good work!

Oh, and like a bunch of other guys have said, come on over to RCF ( some time!

Dominic said...


Dominic here, I sometimes sit near the bench next to LBJ's boys and have come to admire your game and presence on the team. I was recently at the PHX game and was sharing some twizzlers w/ you and Z. Anyways, your game reminds me a lot of a mix of Rip Hamilton/Tayshaun Prince: lot of movement, long, good defender, etc. You also have a great presence: always smiling, happy demeanor, good teammate, etc.

Anyways, I was born and raised in CLE and run a mergers & acquisitions group for a company downtown. I am very active in the community, from classroom volunteer teacher to board member of a non-profit that exposes underpriviledged kids to the arts, among others. I am not nominating myself, but would love to be involved in any way with regard to your community efforts if you ever need a hand. Feel free to contact me at

Thanks and good luck the rest of the season.

christian said...

Yo Tk,i hope you keep getting good playing time,because you are really underated.I hope you guys win tonight and win the championship for us.

Sandra said...

Hi Tarence, I am so glad to see you playing again. I got scared when I saw you go down in the other game. But it was really good to see you starting the other night. You played well with lots of energy. May God continue to bless you love always.

Anonymous said...

pls turn bact to fenerbahce why did you us ???

Monica from Stow said...

Great job tonight, Tarence!

Uncle Sam (Don Matis Jr) and I love watching your game. We see you when we come to the Q for autographs at the warm up before the game. Don is the one with the long beard painted red, gold, & blue, Uncle Sam hat, and Cavs Polo shirt.

Great slashing and scoring tonight! How outrageous! Keep up the great work! And remember, when you sign my tip off book I say this, we are praying for you! :)

God bless you! :) Monica Baird

Anonymous said...

I love the the contest. Goof luck to all the entrants.

eRock said...


It's great to see you getting some reps in the starting rotation, and it's refreshing to see that you are such a level-headed and down to earth guy.

You write really well and it would be nice to see more blog posts from you. Post more often man --the fans love it, and want to hear from you.

Ronnie Gilmore said...


Anonymous said...

Maine yall still sorry I dont like no cavaliers I like the Lakers baby and guess what my boy Kobe in that thang and his game is to official and cant nobody hold him wehn he on the court he is a beast and going to forever keep doing Lebrone so Lebrone get your game up cause Kobe is the best

Anonymous said...

Yeah forget TK its all about Lebrone on yall team but Lebrone aint got nun on Kobe and KB is the realest and he going to be the next Michael JOrdan I heard about yall game last night and they told me that Lebrone wasnt doing nonthing he was riding the bench all night so Lebrone I guess you to sorry you need somr help cause I see TK aint doing nun Try harder next time.........

Toya said...

Did you pick a winner yet?

Coach Greseth's wife said...

Hi T,

This is Taina Greseth. Coach follows the Cavs games and hopes to see you play. We are planning to go to the Magic/Cavs game on April 3 and hope to see you. I will call your mom too. Call Coach sometime at home after 7:00pm. 813-926-4876. So glad you are doing well and successful. You deserve all good things. Coach still says he misses the days with you and Kevin. He loves you guys!

Anonymous said...

TK, you are a good man and a welcome addition to the cavs. Keep your head up, more playing time is on the way!

Heidi Giffin said...

Hey TK,
The Cavs been exceptional thus far I am excited for you guys!! I would like to invite you to our school to give our kids a boost with the up and coming OAT tests in April. I am The SPO president that is Scool Parent Organization leader at Brooklawn elementary in Cleveland. The Cavs have done so much for us in the past I would like our students to get chance to see who is behind all of the team challenges you guys have given them. Likewise, to thank you at the same time. I understand you are very busy and like you I overextend myself to help the children excell in everyway I can! Again you are welcome and invited I hope to here from you.! From everyone at Brooklawn School GO CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heidi Giffin SPO President

Anonymous said...

I love you TK!
You are great on the defensive end and offensive end. I hope to see you play some more. You are one of my favorite players. I love that finger snap thing you do. :)

Anonymous said...

Whats up TK!?? Glad to see all the good things you are doin in your off time! Youve been a great contributer off the bench all year on a great team! Def love your game and hope to see ya on the team in the coming Championship years!!

Keep it up my man!!


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you T. keep up the good work and never give up on what you want or what you are doing good in life (community services).

May god continue to bless you and Go Cavs!! jb-tampa

Anonymous said...

Any chance of seeing a pic of your tattoo on your back?

Anonymous said...

tarence, dude you play like 2min a game lol. your terrible.

Anonymous said...

Hey T,

What's up this is your home girl from around the way, Jessica Maxwell (Caver City-Jefferson)!! Just want to let you know that I am so proud of you and I know you are probably real busy; but,hit me up if you get a chance (956-0875) You know the area code. My mom told me you stop by. Much luv- J

bigfowl said...

the way u played the other night,not running to the other end of the court with your teammates.i am not about to agree with everyone else!

Derek T. said...

hey man,
nice job sweeping the hawks u and ur whole team did great!!!!
good luck against magic or celtics
heck u will probly sweep them to.

Derek T. aka. D-Rock

Anonymous said...

hey TK,

good luck with cavs but i think you must back to fenerbahçe and dereağzı. if you come back dereağzı meet with me :)

fenerbahçe young team player :)

Sandra said...

Hey TK,

Hope that 80% is going up. Its time to bring on Orlando. Just a little nervous. Never thought Orlando would sit down Boston. Can't wait til Wednesday. Go Cavs!!!

Katrina said...

Hi TK,

I know you are big on the community and I would love to discuss some project with you. On involves AC Green. Let's talk!


Valerie said...

I really had wished I would be working with you guys right now, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I don’t even know if you remember my name, but I’m sure you remember who I am. I’m the person who gave you the dream catcher… the one you see in the backstage hallway that takes care of the food in the locker rooms. I started making dream catchers a few years back. Its very therapeutic in a basket-weaving kinda way… And, not to toot my own horn, but they turn out very pretty too. I give them to people who inspire me, to those who have been kind to me, to those that set an example in how they treat other people. They have become a sort of symbol for me. They are for those who aren’t content to just dream. They are the ones that chase it down and grab it like a brass ring. They are the ones that while doing so, never forget where they came from. They are the ones that have respect for everyone. They realize that while some may be “better off” they are not “better than”. In life we all start off the same and end up the same… what we choose to do in between is what really matters. There are quite a few people who have them…its pretty random who I make them for. You are the only player this year. If we would have made it to the championship, I would have made Delonte one too. I meant what I said…you’re a sweet kid. Don’t let being in the spotlight change it. Where ever you go in this life, I wish you well. Which brings me to another thing… I may not be working there next season. The contract between the company I work for and The Q is up at the end of this month. I can’t tell you what a loss this will be for me. I’ve been working there for almost 11 yrs. This has been more than a paycheck. This was a work “family”. I’m sure you can tell by the love you feel just walking down the hallway. I’ve had so many priceless experiences…I have so many good memories. And I got paid too!!! I only hope that when the dust settles you’ll find me there in my spot next season. If it doesn’t happen that way, I want you to know, I had a blast…I really enjoyed working there and with everyone there at The Q. I’m not so sure what I will do. Someone told me I should concentrate on my gingerbread houses. Its another craft I do around Christmastime. I’ve made one for the Cavs for the last 3 years. Last Christmas was a fireplace and Christmas tree. Stockings were hung all around it with all of the players names…yours too. It was on display on the basketball table on the 6th floor, corporate offices. I have pictures of it on my MySpace page if you would like to see them sometime. As far as real work goes, I’m not sure where I’m headed if this ends. Not sure what could follow this. Have a good summer, TK, and hopefully, I’ll see you back at The Q in October...

Mike said...

tarence - lookin forward to watchin you play a lot more next season. i miss the crossover-pullup shot leaving florida and kentucky defenders back on their heals. going to games since the early 90s, thats the best offensive move ive ever seen from a gamecock. best of luck.

gamecock fan

juninhon1 said...

noobsssssssssss to the site of my grandmother is better than this garbage, I am better player than you its bad

Anonymous said...

Yo TK!

What's up man!

Wanted to extend an invitation to a chat with Cavs fans on the best Cavs fan forum. The website is

If you are interested email me at and we can set up a time/date for a Q&A with the best fans in the land.
Take care and Go Cavs!
Patrick- Cleveland

Anonymous said...

Hey TK
It's cool to see you involved in the community! Thats awesome. I was excited with your play this year. I hope to see more of you next year (in CAVS gear of course). I didn't know you were 6'6". We definitely need a bigger 2 and with hard work you could do it. I don't know what your offseason workout is like, but good luck! Work on the floater, its the most powerful shot in the world!

Anonymous said...

Hey tk, do you got party plates

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're such a great example in the community. Take a cab, brah.

Anonymous said...

When will come back to fenerbahce....
Good Luck and go cavs...

Anonymous said...

Whats up TK... You have really good game. Personally I think you have the potential to become a superstar in the league one day. Just keep working on your game. Your starting spot isn't far away in Cleveland

Ms.Jisset said...

Hey Bro!!!!!

Hope all is well. I am very proud of you and your community achievements. I'm still with the Nets grinding. Hope all is well. Take care and keep in touch.

Ms. Jisset

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