Practice is Over (Open Practice that is)... It's Game Time BABY!

I'm not sure what it is about basketball season that is so exciting to me, anticipating all of the possibilities that each game brings makes it feel like Christmas everyday. It's a beautiful thing to get up everyday and thank God for being able to make a living doing something that I truly love. As a lot of you already know, today the Grizzlies hosted our Open Practice for the fans. Open Practice means we're that much closer to Opening Night (October 31st)! I was able to meet a lot of you face to face, which is something that I always appreciate. It's still new to me having so many people come up and say such positive things, like those of you that I had the pleasure to speak with today did. I am still growing into my NBA shoes so excuse me if I don't always do or say the "right" things, but I'm kinda trippin right now realizing that there are so many of you pulling for me and looking forward to my success! And for those of you that think we never read the messages that you post on our sites, I want you to know that I read every message that I receive on my blog. I try not to take anything in life for granted, I know that there are 100 other players that you could send messages to, so thank you to Leslie, Pastor Reed, and Adam! Your words meant a lot to me and I hope that you continue to visit my blog and continue to be a support system for me. See you at the games!


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Sr. Olmos (Toño) said...

Good luck TK !!!... We have our hopes in you !! Best luck from Spain !!!